Senior consultant of BMW Germany who has several times holding strategic positions in a number of multinational companies presented in MM UMY. Ferizal Ramli is a professional figure who has a strong reputation in a number of MNC Company in Europe. 42-year-old young man is Gadjah Mada University alumni who lead managers graduated from leading universities such as the University of New South Wales, NUS and of course graduates from Germany.

Ferizal Ramli offered some amazing tips that exist in the global business some of which are confidence, competence and mastery of language. Ferizal argued very confidently that the selection for Harvard Business School is not as heavy as the elite college entrance in Indonesia such as UGM and ITB. Even one of the best graduates in Germany will lose in competency when deal with the best graduates from Indonesia. It turns the way around when 100 Germans are dealing with 100 Indonesian people. The German is definitely more superior, he said. This means that individually, Indonesian people are competent enough but the ability to work together is still a major problem.