Quacquarelli Symond (QS) Awards UMY Five-Star Ratings

December 30, 2015, oleh: superadmin

Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogykarta (UMY) achieved five stars of international accreditation in aspects of facilities, social responsibilities, and inclusiveness. The accreditation was based on the result of external audit by Quacquarelli Symond (QC), an international accreditation agency for higher education located in London. The accreditation result was announced on Thursday, 17 December 2015. Chief of QS

Master of Management of UMY Presented Visiting Professor of Tamkang University in the Even Semester of 2012/2013

December 1, 2015, oleh: superadmin

The information technology in business practices develop so rapidly that the business person must be able to respond as well as become the subject in the management of information technology in building a sustainable competitive advantage. This perspective is delivered by the Director of Master of Management in Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta Prof. Dr. Heru Kurnianto Tjahjono when discussing

Senior Consultant of BMW Germany Discussed with Students of MM UMY

December 1, 2015, oleh: superadmin

Senior consultant of BMW Germany who has several times holding strategic positions in a number of multinational companies presented in MM UMY. Ferizal Ramli is a professional figure who has a strong reputation in a number of MNC Company in Europe. 42-year-old young man is Gadjah Mada University alumni who lead managers graduated from leading universities such

MM UMY Held SEM Workshop

December 1, 2015, oleh: superadmin

In an effort to improve good quality of research, MM UMY organized an SEM workshop using AMOS software. SEM is an analytical tool that is increasingly important in research, particularly in behavioral research. In general, the variables in behavioral research which is latent in nature, SEM approach is considered more appropriate to be used as an alternative

Discussing Cross-Cultural Management, MM UMY Presents Professor of Hamburg University Germany

December 1, 2015, oleh: superadmin

Being important in the business world, Yogyakarta retains its identity as well as its language identity. Many things are different in the elaboration of local wisdom. It was stated by Prof. Dr. Jan Van der Putten in his presentation entitled “Cross-Culture Management” which was delivered in a public lecture in MM UMY which was attended by faculty members and

National Seminar on Intrapersonal Leadership in Universitas Islam Sumatera Utara

December 1, 2015, oleh: superadmin

The national leadership issue, the public and businesses are issues related to produce individuals who have integrity in running the organization at various levels. In a national perspective we have to build collaboration with intelligent people and people with good characteristics. It is the responsibility of each individual to be the driving force of change for the

Intrapersonal Leadership in Sultan Agung Islamic University

December 1, 2015, oleh: superadmin

Indonesia’s big job is to build intelligent and having a character of enlighten the life. This nation must build a collaboration between intelligent people and people with good characteristics. In connection with this, it is important in building each person to be able to become the leader of his own soul. This idea and concept are further introduced