Registration Procedure

Registration of candidates for graduate students by filling out the REGISTRATION FORM.

Once declared PASSED THE EXAM, then the candidates submit the following document files to the study program:

  1. Proof of printed registration form as a graduate program applicants and along with the latest 5 (five) pieces of color photos of 4×6;
  2. Proof of registration payment from the bank
  3. Test card
  4. Copy of legitimate and legal certificate of previous education level, legalized by the certificate issuing institution;
  5. Copy of legitimate and legal academic transcripts of previous education level, legalized by the transcript issuing institution;
  6. Candidates’ projection in the graduate program containing reasons, expectations and plans after the study (format can be downloaded here).
  7. The Statement of Assurance/Cost Ability from the agency or stamped certificate stating their own ability to pay all of the graduate programs tuition (format can be downloaded here);
  8. Statement of Good Health from a doctor at the health center or hospital;
  9. Curriculum vitae and employment history (format can be downloaded here);
  10. A License Study to enroll the postgraduate education from the employer/leader especially for those already work (format can be downloaded here);
  11. Letters of Recommendation from the university, government or private institutions for those required by the study program (contact the Study Program).


For the Applicants of Master program (S2):

Copy of Certificate of TOEFL with a minimum score of 450 and/or TOAFL with a minimum score of 350. If this score is not achieved at the beginning of registration, candidates can be accepted as a student if they pass the admission exams. However before the comprehension exam is carried out, the required language skills must be fulfilled.

Description: The certificate validity period is 2 (two) years from the date of issuance of certificate

Questions about the Cost CLICK HERE