Any information about MM-UMY?

  • MM-UMY program was established in 2001, currently has graduated more than 522 graduates, from various professions such as businessmen, civil servants, fresh graduates, etc.
  • It has been accredited since May 2006, and re-accredited in June 2016 with the rank of accreditation B (SK-BAN, No. 1010/BAN-PT/Akred/M/VI/2016)
  • It got the operating licenses since its establishment, and is continuously updated every 3 (three) years.
  • Lectures:
    • Regular Class: Monday to Saturday 19:00 till 21:30.
    • Executive Class: Friday at 16:00 till 21:30 and Saturday at 08:00 till 12:30

How much is the tuition fee of MM-UMY Program?

  • Total tuition fee of Regular Class until graduation isIDR 27,500,000,- excluding the fee of graduation (as determined by the university). The fee includes the Matriculation Program (class pre-MM); MM-UMY college writing, coaching, and Thesis defence.
  • The total tuition fee in 4 (four) times installments with the details:
    • Admission + Registration & Workshop: IDR 250,000,- + IDR 900,000,- = IDR 1,150,000,-
    • Installment I: IDR 8,000,000,-
    • Installment II: IDR 8,000,000,-
    • Installment III: IDR 8,000,000,- and
    • Installment IV: IDR 2,350,000,-

Is there any SCHOLARSHIP program offered by MM-UMY?

  • Muhammadiyah Scholarship Program, is a scholarship offered to administrators or members of Persyarikatan Muhammadiyah and its autonomous organizations (such as Aisyiyah, IRM, IMM, etc.).
  • The scholarship program for graduates and fresh graduates of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta with the conditions:
    • Tuition fee discount of IDR 5,000,000,- is awarded to graduates with Cumlaude predicate
    • Tuition fee discount of IDR 3,500,000,- is awarded to graduates with a GPA of 3,00 to 3,49
    • Tuition fee discount of IDR 1,500,000,- is awarded to graduates with a GPA of <= 2,99

Can undergraduate students outside the Faculty of Economics take the MM program?

  • Yes, they can. However they should take the matriculation college first. It is a pre-MM lecture which will provide introduction of management business materials to be deepened during the regular lectures.
  • The basic subjects include Introduction to Business, Computer Statistics, Introduction to Accounting, Mathematical Economics, Introduction to Economics, and English courses.

What concentrations are offered?

  • The concentrations offered are: Marketing, HR, Finance, Education Management, Economics and Islamic Finance.
  • The concentration is started in Semester II. It is done by using a polling system. It means that at the end of the first semester, we give students the opportunity to choose available concentration. Then the concentration with the highest voters will be conducted. If there is insufficient quota in a chosen concentration, MM UMY program will facilitate by the Independent Studyprogram models.

How can we contact if there are other things to ask?

  • Please call the contact number at the very bottom of this page.
  • Questions can also be sent via email to mm@umy.ac.id . If you want to get the information immediately, then our online customer support will be happy to answer.